VII Annual HELIMUN Conference

Altogether 350 students and MUN-directors participated in HELIMUN 2007. The majority of the students came from the Helsinki area, but delegations had traveled from as far as Austria, Germany and Sweden to participate in the conference.

The Opening ceremonies had two guest speakers, the honourable Mayor of Helsinki, Mr Jussi Pajunen, who gave an inspiring opening speech and the representative of the Finnish UN Association, Ms Rosa Puhakainen-Mattila who gave a spirited speech concerning human rights.

The theme for HELIMUN 2007 was Peace and Security, which in the contemporary world plagued by conflicts and international disputes was a most suitable choice as a theme. Among other issues on the agenda, the delegates debated on questions such as the reduction of military budgets and international co-operation in the peaceful uses of outer space. Delegates in the ECOSOC tackled the questions concerning international drug control and Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and disaster relief assistance of the United Nations. Security Council was busy trying to solve the question of Middle East, and concentrated on the Lebanon situation.

The preparation for the conference had begun as early as November 2006 when the chairs were appointed and the school assignments were decided. During the winter the delegates researched both their country or NGO and the issues on the agenda in their respectable forum. They also learned the debate procedure and participated in mock debates. Thus the majority of the delegates were well prepared when the conference began and could participated in debate.