XXII Annual HELIMUN Conference

The XXII Annual HELIMUN conference was the first conference since Covid we were able to invite students from other schools. The schools that participated were Kulosaari Lower and Upper secondary school, Espoo International School, Maunula Secondary School and the International School of Helsinki. Since we had only a few schools participating, there were a few modifications made to the procedure. Instead of one delegate representing one country, we hade two delegates representing one country in each committee. This meant that delegates could work together on resolutions and speeches instead of doing all the work alone, which alleviated the stress the delegates would experience.

This year, after a few year break we saw the International Court of Justice back in action again working on the Maritime dispute between Turkey and Cyprus. And lastly, as a completely new addition, the Historical Security Council was gathered and they headed back to the year 1956. They debated the Question of Suez and the Question of Hungary, which turned out to be quite the challenge. In the end, all of the committees were able to pass at least one resolution per topic.