XVII Annual HELIMUN Conference

The XVII Annual Session was held on 10-11 May 2017. The theme of the conference wass Development and Human Rights in a Globalised World.

The XVII Annual Session of HELIMUN was the largest conference so far with 217 delegates, chairs, judges and advocates participating from other schools. Most of the delegates seemed to be prepared extremely well for this conference and therefore the debate was truly constructive.

Below are some comments from the young delegates:

‘The ability to debate about something meaningful. Seeing how real world issues could be solved and how important it is to have diplomats and delegates.’ (delegate in the SC)

‘The best thing about HELIMUN was lobbying, because it was team work, we could discuss our ideas, go through our resolutions and add something new to them.’ (Delegate in GA2)

‘Excellent chairs. I have a lot of respect for them since they handled nearly 90 people and had everything under control.’ (delegate in the HRC)